Serge Jevaguine

As the descendant of a Russian aristocratic family and a graduate of the Academy of Arts of Moscow, Serge Jevaguine, was born to create and inspire.

Like so many gifted designers of his kind, his talents began at a very young age when he took up sewing garments and apparel. Whilst growing up he became enthralled with the studies of the earliest couturiers and their techniques. It was not until he moved to Canada in 1995 that he began to create what is now, his most significant and meaningful work of designing bridal collections.

Serge’s collections consist of flawless gowns crafted from the best European and Japanese fabrics with dream like textures made by intricate handwork from generations before him. He is capturing the eye of some of the most proficient and well versed designers of our time and continues to push the boundaries and unite the ultimate expression of love and art.