Women's Color Trend Report For Spring/Summer 2017

Courtesy of Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops’ SS17 Color Forecast identifies five key palettes: Rise, Blossom, Subtropics, Shore and Dusk. Emphasis is placed on two mid-tones palettes: SHORE colors reflect that of the Northern California coastline with soft land and sea tones; while SUBTROPICS offers a lively color suited for high Summer collections. The BLOSSOM palette includes pastels coloring the romantic looks of the season. RISE features both proven and emerging bright colors, while DUSK offers dark and mysterious jewel tones. 


Blossom features this season’s new pastel range, with both equally soft and more saturated hues. Bluebell is a favorite as the most influential pale blue. Warm pastels include petal pink and thistle purple, while frost pink and ice purple are cooler options. Yellow proves influential particularly in a creamy shade of buttermilk, as well as a more traditional daffodil hue. Aqua and orchid are offered as brighter pastels. The nude conversation evolves with peach fuzz, and dark salmon serves as a nice contrast to the lighter traditional pastel hues.


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market pastel color: Orchid

Orchid is the most saturated hue in the pastel palette. Evolving from lighter shades of lilac, orchid embraces bright purple tones.


Dark Salmon

#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market pastel color: Dark Salmon

Dark salmon brings something new to the pastel palette, with coral undertones. women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market pastel color: Bluebell

This season, bluebell is one of the most essential hues of the season. Tones range from a cloudy shade to a slight aqua undertone. women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market pastel color: Buttermilk

Buttermilk offers a creamy yellow pastel in contrast to the more saturated daffodil.



Subtropics explores a well-rounded palette of mid-tones. Warm colors like lava, Indian red and chili powder apply orange and red undertones, adding spice to the group. Crimson red remains relevant along with oasis, this season’s teal hue. Yellow is featured in marigold and a brown cast mustard seed. Other fashion colors include cerise pink, purple rain and juniper green. Syrup is offered as a new warm brown hue.


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market warm midtone color: Oasis

The teal conversation continues to be relevant with this season’s oasis. women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Chili Powder

#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market warm midtone color: Chili

Shades of copper have become a major focus over the past several seasons, evolving to a warm chili powder.



The Shore palette features faded mid-tones that borrow from the scenery of the Northern California coast. A complete range of new neutrals brings newness to the group, including tawny, bisque, hay stack and taupe. Brittle enters as a warmer Spring alternative to camel. Tones like sea glass, dove and lavender grey give off a cloudy, yet soft feeling. Antique white fits right in as a weathered alternative.


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market muted midtone color: Periwinkle

Periwinkle is the brightest color in the Shore palette, evolving from a softer chambray hue. women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h

Antique Rose

#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market muted midtone color: Antique Rose

Antique rose brings something fresh to the traditional range of pinks. As a mid-tone, the color is fully saturated and looks best when paired with delicate materials.



Dusk features jewel tones as well as dark, rich neutrals. Familiar favorites include maroon and ivy, while on the base end of the conversation, olive and navy remain powerful. Blue alternatives include an intense shade of indigo, as well as deep sea, which signals that teal shades are still relevant. Brown tones include cacao and sludge. Mulberry, ivy and army round out the fashion color offering for the palette.


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market jewel tone color: Olive

Olive remains a power player, though it becomes darker this season. women-s-key-color-trend-f-w-2016-17-_spacerx40h


#FashionSnoops #colortrends seen on #WeConnectFashion. SS17 top Women's market jewel tone color: Maroon

After the past few seasons with burgundy at the forefront of the jewel palette, maroon emerges with slight brown undertones.