Personal Style and Fashion Advisor

With over 20 years of industry experience and unique points of view on fashion, our experts will advise you and enhance your personal shopping experience while connecting you with great style. Plus, wherever you are in the world, we are available to travel to your home and meet all your wardrobe needs.

When we put on clothes, we change the shape, texture and outline of our body - sometimes quite profoundly. The silhouettes we cast are determined by several factors: by shifting trends in fashion, for instance, what looks and feels good, or by our desire to project our inner essence, even when doing so departs from what is considering being normal or acceptable. Clothes function as layers or armor. They can be used to augment or reduce. They allow us to pursue collective formal ideals or individual idiosyncrasies. Whether skin-tight or billowing, garments accentuate or hide certain areas or assertively claim space and attention. Garments can also help us to travel between identities.